Natural Climate Change


If we separate the two sides of the Climate Change equation–natural vs. man-made–and look far enough into the past, we will see many evidences of natural Climate Change. In recent decades, the term “Global Warming” became the headline that environmentalists and media proclaimed as the crisis of our century.

But “Global Warming” had to evolve into “Climate Change,” especially in light of the super-blizzard that Hurricane Sandy became, accumulating sea-ice, and record-low temperatures. Warming certainly didn’t seem to be a consistent description of what the world was experiencing. And this flip-flop of messaging made skeptics even more doubtful of the legitimacy of this claim. Now it is explained that Global Warming is a sub-set of the broader term, Climate Change.


So, aside from man-made Climate Change, what natural climate change is happening?

We may be approaching another mini-ice-age. Some scientists believe that by 2030 the earth could see the freezing of rivers, similar to what happened to the Thames around several hundred years ago. The earth experiences cycles of warmth and cold, and these periods are well documented.

The Medieval Warming Period lasted nearly four hundred years–from 900AD to 1300AD–and brought with it an extremely warm weather cycle. It gave way to the Little Ice Age, that lasted from 1300AD to the mid-1800’s. We are now back in a warming cycle once again. This is natural.

It is absolutely imperative that we change our consumptive practices that lead to man-made Climate Change and destruction of the earth that we live and eat from. It is important, however, to still plan and prepare for the natural processes that could change our way of life–at least for the next several generations of mankind.