Natural Climate Change vs. Man-made Climate Change

One of the greatest disconnects in the whole discussion on Climate Change centers on disagreement over human influence. Unfortunately, this disagreement stalls the conversation and results in defensiveness by both viewpoints. One side attributes the changes we see in the environment to Man-made Climate Change, while the other side views it as Natural Climate Change.

Natural Climate Change

One side views the natural cycles of Earth throughout recorded history and sees a human habitat that is in constant flux and influences mankind through ice ages and droughts, through earthquakes and hurricanes, shifts in the earth’s magnetic fields, solar radiation, and epidemics and extinctions. To them, nature is quite clearly in control, and if so, what could humans possibly do to prevent the next polar shift, solar flare, or tsunami? Read more on Natural Climate Change…

Man-made Climate Change

The other side views the actions and repercussions of societies throughout recorded history and sees carelessness and irresponsible choices that devastate the planet: the Chernobyl nuclear incident, oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, and genetic engineering of food crops–to name a few–and to them, humankind is quite clearly destroying the planet. As such, why wouldn’t we do everything in our power to change our destructive practices?

So, which is it?

This educational website brings together both sides of the story into one conversation. Yes, there is naturally occurring Climate Change. And yes, there is man-made Climate Change as well. And while we may not be able to affect natural cycles, we can, and should, change how we do things so we can begin to heal this planet we call home.