Welcome to Climate Change Explained!

The topic of Climate Change, unfortunately, has become a source of division among people, rather than bringing us together. We believe that there is much that can be done to heal our land, our communities, and our health, and our goal is to bring people together toward this cause. People all over the world are visiting this site to learn about Climate Change and how to be part of the solution. Our goal is to reach every single country.

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The purpose of this site is as a non-partisan knowledge base that honestly represents the vast amount of study, data and evidence available regarding Climate Change. We represent many fields of study where evidence of Climate Change is visible and verifiable.

This means, therefore, that we have to accept the good with the bad. Within this site you will find both positive and negative examples of man-made Climate Change. You will encounter studies that seem to contradict each other. And as a result, we hope you become more well-informed, and confident of your ability to affect change for the better.