Climate Change Policy

There was great alarm within the global community when in 2017, President Donald Trump withdrew American participation from the 2015 Paris Accord, or Paris Agreement–an international governmental cooperative to create significant Climate Change policy. Trump’s reasoning centered around the belief that the Paris Agreement, which holds individual countries to individual standards, was unfairly penalizing the U.S., while allowing other large countries to abide by radically lower standards.

Many environmentalists viewed the move as a major step backward into destructive practices, while some viewed Trump’s decision as strategic to project responsibility onto corporations and local government. Regardless of opinion, reality is that both private industry and local government responded to the need after the federal government reduced its role and participation in this international Climate Change policy.

Whether one believes that federal government should dictate all policy, or instead that the people can rise up and make the difference, we are seeing inspiring action by governments, non-profits and ngo’s, and private industry alike. Here are some of the initiatives and policies that are underway.

Governmental Climate Change Policy & Initiatives

Corporate Climate Change Policy & Initiatives