Top 5 ways to creatively re-use leftover water

Not all water is created equal. Even among drinking-grade, or potable water, there is great variability in taste and water quality. Access to drinking water is such a huge concern around the globe, that it should force is to start prioritizing the various ways we use the water we have access to. Here are some creative ways to better utilize water on an everyday basis.

  1. If you find that you have accumulated multiple unfinished bottles of water, instead of tossing them out, combine them into one full bottle.
  2. Keep an empty pitcher next to your kitchen sink, and fill it with all the melted ice and unfinished cups of water your family generates. This can be used to fill your pet’s water bowl or to hand water your potted plants or garden plants.
  3. Fill ice cube trays full of leftover drinking water and freeze them for use in ice-packs.
  4. Leftover drinking water can also be used to keep a fountain, water feature or pool topped off.
  5. Not drinking water related, but still good: When you shower, keep a small pail or bucket with you to catch surplus water as you bathe. This soapy water can be reused to wash your car (assuming your local ordinance allows for washing your car at home).