Corporate Climate Change Policy

Few things are quite as inspiring as when people in private industry–those in positions of influence and resources–band together to affect change for the better. And when it comes to Climate Change, there are some powerful initiatives underway to convert mankind’s impact on Climate Change from a negative to a positive. Here are some examples:

Architecture 2030

How we plan and design the built environment from here on out will determine whether climate change is manageable or catastrophic.

Over the next twenty years, an area equal to a staggering 3.5 times the entire built environment of the U.S. will be redesigned, reshaped, and rebuilt globally. If all these buildings are designed and constructed using traditional inefficient approaches, and are powered by electricity produced by burning fossil fuels, there is no way to avoid irreparably damaging the planet’s climate.

However, if we use energy efficient design strategies, incorporate including on-site power generation from renewable sources, and have access to off-site renewables if necessary, then the building sector can become the solution to the climate change crisis.