Solar Geoengineering

Environmental scientist David Keith, a professor at Harvard University, has proposed a plan to combat Climate Change utilizing Cloud Seeding, a process generally referred to as Solar GeoEngineering.

Keith has been studying this process for decades now, and is convinced this could be the solution the globe needs. He does understand and acknowledge the potential for undesirable consequence, but argues that this solution should be seriously considered.

“I don’t necessarily believe we should do it (solar geo-engineering),” says Keith. “There are very legit arguments that we shouldn’t. But I think fundamentally, at this point, I’m an advocate for taking it seriously and doing serious research … because it potentially has large benefits. That’s not crazy.”

Keith has detailed exactly how his solar geoengineering project could work in his 2013 book, “A Case for Climate Engineering.”

David Keith is a TED speaker, Harvard lecturer, and a 2009 recipient of Time magazine’s Hero of the Environment.

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