Climate Change Solutions


There is so much negativity and sensationalism in journalism, academia and social media today when it comes to Climate Change. There is also a lot of here-say as to what can or should be done to positively influence the impact that humankind has on the changing climate. Here are 10 ways to positively influence Climate Change that you may not have heard of:

  1. No-till agriculture

    Traditional farming methods have depleted, and in many cases, destroyed, our soils around the earth.

  2. Rainwater capture

    Water that falls from the sky is a precious resource that, sadly, gets diverted into sewers and is lost.

  3. Soil restoration

    Urban sprawl doesn’t just cover the earth, it strips the soil of life in the process.

  4. Progress from Sustainable to Regenerative  in our practices. Why simply slow our consumption–let’s convert the whole model!
  5. Upcycling

    Upcycling vs recycling.  Re-use is great, but creating greater value is better.

  6. Clean air incentives  Penalties aren’t the best motivator–why not reward companies who steward the environment?
  7. Native plant farming

    If non-native food crops require so much treatment to get them to grow, why not grow edible natives?

  8. Increase our vegetation index

    It’s not just about planting trees to cool our homes–what about parking lots and other areas?

  9. Creative water re-use  It’s not difficult to begin re-using water around the house.
  10. Be a climate ambassador   Very few people have ever been won over through an argument. As they say, you get more flies with honey than vinegar.

Will you consider implementing one of these top 10 ways to positively influence Climate Change?