Be a Climate ambassador

Climate change–blah, blah blah. This topic is represented all over popular media, which should be a good thing, right? Perhaps the way to answer that question is with another question. “Which is better, quantity information or quality information?”¬†Reality is that many people tune out of the Climate Change conversation, and for a few good reasons. First, they feel bombarded with a barrage of reporting. Second, perhaps they are mainly seeing doom-and-gloom reporting, and it is overwhelming to them. And third, maybe no one has tried to engage them thoughtfully and rationally–on their terms–as a climate ambassador.

Be a Climate Ambassador.

An ambassador is a representative for a cause or an office. And his or her role is intended to foster good relations between two or more groups or perspectives. An ambassador is well-versed in the subject matter, and also in conversation. When you combine these traits together, you have a person who can navigate difficult topics thoughtfully, and with a graciousness that wins people over.

Let’s be honest, there aren’t very many great ambassadors out there for this global cause. Would you consider being an ambassador? Not sure how to do so? How about two suggestions? First, learn about many facets of Climate Change, not simply the carbon conversation or the Arctic/Antarctic sea ice argument. And second, read Dale Carnegie’s classic book on being a good conversationalist, How to Win Friends and Influence Others. If you are knowledgable on the subject and you make people love conversing with you, you will be well on your way to being a winsome Climate ambassador.