The Global Flood

The Torah, the Bible, and the Qur’an all tell of a global flood several millennia in the past.  As the story goes, a man named Noah is warned by God of a coming flood, and is instructed to build a large vessel capable of carrying many species of animals within it. Very specific instructions and measurements are given for the vessel, and all three accounts corroborate the final resting place of the ark after the flood waters had receded.

This vessel is believed to have been located within modern-day Turkey, right where the Torah, Bible and Qur’an place it–in the mountains of Ararat, at Al-judi. In 1959, a Turkish army captain, Ilhan Durupinar, discovered the outline of the vessel situated in an ancient mudflow while reviewing NATO aerial imagery of the region. Ever since, archaeologists and researchers have visited the site regularly to analyze–and prove or disprove–what this anomaly actually is. Samples of iron and wood were sent to laboratories for processing, while ground penetrating radar and resistivity ground imaging  scans of the infrastructure were performed on several occasions.

Now, there is still great debate over this archaeology site. However, if it is, in fact, an ancient vessel that came to rest in a mudflow, that certainly would corroborate theological belief in a great flood of antiquity.

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This placard welcomes visitors to the Noah’s Ark National Park in Dogubeyazit, Turkey.